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This seems to be a good place to be on the Web, but have not yet seen that I can use FTP on the page. Since my start online year 2000 I have been dependent on actually using FTP, for easy to make changes to my pages when it was desirable.

Otherwise, it is important to note that one can not make use of the eminent free solution if one also wishes writing service

I have today seven corners and below here is the links to FIVE of them

M y Flickr 

 My corner in Denmark:
The corner logo

Odd`s Corner main entrace.

Dear you, welcome to my corner at duda ;o)
Collage of slides by painter/engineer Odd K. Hauge
This collage display slides from some years agoand shown these clever boys as then helped me with my paintings.Sometimes as models and other times as photo working people.

Classicism  on Odd`s corners

 Art in Prague1.Mars 2011
*Painter Odd K. Hauge visit Berlin Christmas time 2009. Here is now displayed 80 of his -shots in -one of Hauges favorite since 2004, the Album Creator by Firmtool . Some of the -comments here is -written  by Vinmun in Family Five.
* About tagging in Berlin by OKH, translate by free Google translator.
* Popular download of -the free -EasyNoter
* My photo exhibitions/sharing,outside and inside Odd´s Corner
*Odd´s Corners celebrate 10 years 2010    


About Me

I am Norwegian retirement, but brush palette and camera are often in use yet.
Then it is maybe not so strange that you will sometimes find a photo of my painting and others of my photography. 
                                                                                                 Thanks for coming inside and welcome back ;o) 
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